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Digident Zoom+

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The 3D printer devices produced by Mobtakeran Mechatronics Ark Co., Ltd., due to the all-aluminum chassis and the use of appropriate rails and ball screw in the Z axis, are devices with high stability, high accuracy, and stable and permanent work, which can be upgraded and updated to newer versions with the advancement of technology. Sensors, electronic boards, and high-quality components from well-known brands have been used in the construction of these devices. The UV light radiation in these 3D printers is improved by 90% due to the use of LCD technology and they are compatible with almost all resins whose frequency ranges from 380 to 405 nanometers.
Digident zoom printers have an 13.3-inch LCD and the resolution of this device is 5448*3064pixel, that is, about 8 million pixels. The dimensions of the manufacturing plate of this device are 272.4*153.2 cm and it is suitable for wax-up print, temporaries, cast printing, customized abutment and surgical guide. This device is produced with the dimensions of 55x50x70 cm and weighs about 55kg.

Specifications : 

1.High resolution (more than 16 million pixels on the working screen)
2. Suitable for making: chipped teeth wax-up – implant wax-up – laminate wax-up – temporaries – attachments- night guard – UCLA – customize abutment – orthodontic cast – denture-surgical guide – temporary cover – clear orthodontics – Mock-up – print intraoral scan’ s cast
3. Large work surface with a large number of prints
4. New optical system with more light power
5. Improving the printing system and preventing the continuous falling of printed parts
6. Compatible with LCD, DLP and even SLA resins
7.Integrated software with automatic model supporting

SpecificationsDigident Zoom plus
Layer Thickness(25-100 ?m)
Print Volume272.4*153.2*180 mm
Print Precision(50 ?m)
Print Speed25~45 min for each cm
Printer Dimension55*50*70 cm
Screen7 inch touch panel
Net Weight45 kg
Softwarechitu box
File Input FormatSTL-PNG-ZIP-OBJ
Power Input220 Vac, 50Hz
Connectivity methodUSB-LAN-WiFi
capacity of print wax:350~380
Ortho cast: 40
sergical guide:40
Z-axis resolutionless than 5 micron
resin tankpermanent resin tank
functionwax-temperories-sergical guide-night guard-abutment-UCLA-mock-up-Ortho cast-laminate-
guarantee and warranty1 year warranty and 10 years aftersales service
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