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500W new 3

The simultaneous five-axis CNC machine has been designed and produced as one of the main components of CAD/CAM systems by MMA Co., Ltd.

Strengths of this device:

  1. Servo motor system is used in this device, which are coupled to the axles by harmonic gearboxes. This designed system reduces errors, cause more smoothness of the work surface, accuracy and high quality of the output and increase cutting speed.
  2. In this device, a one-piece cast iron chassis is used, which makes the device highly durable in continuous operation and makes the system unnecessary from multiple and consecutive calibrations.
  3. Using an internal computer and a 13.3-inch screen for the convenience of using the device
  4. Using a water-cooled spindle that eliminates the need for a large air compressor to cool the spindle
  5. Automatic lubrication system that periodically lubricates the moving parts of the device
Specifications / ModelsDigimill500-W
Milling MethodWet
Number of Axes5
Control MotorsServo motor
Electro Spindle Power and Speed1.5 KW/60000RPM
ControllerInternal Industrial
Interface13.3 inch Touch
Number Of Tool change8
Ball screw/GearboxHiwin /Liming
MaterialPMMA-Glass-Titanium-Pre-milled abutment-Emax IPS
Average Milling time for Pre-milled Abutment , Lisi, Titanium14min
Power consumption100~230 VAC max
Dimensions85?75?80 cm
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