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About us

The Mobtakeran Mechatronics Ark engineering company was founded in 2011 and started its business activities in 2017. The company is proud to succeed in designing and manufacturing 3D printers (DLP Technology) in the short term and registered its patent in the office of registration of documents and real estate of the country with this number 94872.
With the establishment of R & D unit, the company is optimizing its products and working on new projects. The company has several departments; management, commercial (Internal and External), design (mechanics, electronics, software) and Development, production, after-sales service with the presence of expert personnel. almost all production processes are conducted internally and under direct supervision, Mechatronic Ark’s engineering products are offered at the very best quality and price.

دانشگاه تهران بخش پروتز دندانی جناب آقای دکتر جلالی

University of Tehran, Department of Dental Prosthetics, Dr. Jalali

لابراتوار پارس تکنیک جناب آقای رئیسیان - شیراز

Mr. Raisian's Pars Technical Laboratory - Shiraz

لابراتوار پارسیان غرب جناب آقای ابراهیم زاده - تهران

Mr. Ebrahimzadeh Parsian Gharb Laboratory - Tehran

لابراتوار جناب آقای اذرنیا -قم

Mr. Azarnia's laboratory - Qom

لابراتوار جناب آقای غنی آبادی - تهران

Mr. Ghaniabadi's laboratory - Tehran

لابراتوار جناب آقای زرگریان - تهران

Mr. Zargarian's laboratory - Tehran

جناب آقای فرجی - اراک

Dear Mr. Faraji - Arak

مطب جناب آقای دکتر عمادزاده - مشهد

Mr. Dr. Emadzadeh's office - Mashhad

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لابراتوار جناب آقای کدخدایی -شیراز

Mr. Kodkhodaei's laboratory - Shiraz

لابراتوار جناب آقای محامی - تهران

Mr. Mahami's laboratory - Tehran

مطب جناب آقای دکتر پرهیز - تهران

The office of Mr. Dr. Parhiz - Tehran

لابراتور آریا جناب آقای یوسف نژاد- گرگان

Mr. Yusuf Nejad's Aria Laboratory - Gorgan

لابراتوار چناب آقای شهودی - مراغه

The laboratory of Mr. Shuddi - Maragheh

لابراتوار جناب آقتی شیاری - رشت

Mr. Shiari's laboratory - Rasht

لابراتوار جناب آقای منگلی - تهران

Mr. Mengli's laboratory - Tehran

لابراتوار جناب آقای محمدی - تهران

Mr. Mohammadi's laboratory - Tehran


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